CCC Palais Reichenbach Unknown-1
Ulrike Bliefert
Champagner, Charleston und Chiffon: Metropolis Berlin
Bastei Entertainment
Josephine Winter
Das Palais Reichenbach: Metropolis Berlin
Bastei Entertainment
Oliver Schütte (Editor)
Uwe Voehl (Editor)
Angel Island: Die Halloween-Anthologie
Bastei Lübbe
With a beating heart, young Elly Preissing approaches the vibrant metropolis where she has found a job as an accountant in a fashion store. But soon everything turns out quite differently than expected. Instead of having her own apartment, she has to live with Henriette, a true Berlin brat. The chic fashion store turns out to be a store for second-hand clothes. And Joachim, with whom Elly falls head over heels in love, seems promised to another woman. But then Elly meets Armin, who not only gets her a job as a employee at the renowned fashion house Goldtstein & Lange, but also lays the world at her feet. Has Elly finally found her happiness? These are hard times for the noble Reichenbach family: The former wealth is only a facade, and the people demand the expropriation of the German nobility. Since Prince Paul, as head of the family, stands idly by and watches the impending catastrophe, Princess Juliane is willing to do anything to save the family. But her three children have their own plans and worries. While Prince Fridolin wants to make a career in the German National People’s Party, Prince Georg has to hide a dark secret from his family. And Princess Ina meets the hapless writer Theodor Barbach, who soon confronts her with the most difficult decision of her life. Angel Island is a tranquil little island. The people here have always lived in harmony and peace with each other. But on Halloween everything changes. Because this is the day when evil comes to Angel Island.