New book (Publishing date: 6 October)

The Art of Scriptdevelopment

The new age of streaming not only means an upheaval in the audience’s viewing habits, the development of stories has also changed radically. Series carry out their narratives over hours and are more complex and diverse. Films are not only produced for the national market, but open up to a worldwide audience. As a result, the process of script development is coming more and more into focus and is increasingly characterized by teamwork.

Oliver Schütte presented the standard work “The Art of Reading A Screenplay” more than twenty years ago. Now, on this basis, he offers an up-to-date and forward-looking book for all those involved in the development of screenplays. He has drawn on his decades of experience in the conception, creation and production of films and series.

He provides information on characters and structure, conflict, and the emotional theme. He vividly explains dramaturgy using classic films and current examples. He concisely explains all the elements of effective stories.

In addition, he characterizes what makes for successful and constructive collaboration. He describes the task not only of the creatives, but also of the production, direction and those responsible at broadcasters and streamers. An important aspect of this is the cooperative teamwork of all and how this can be achieved.

This volume is indispensable for those who want to successfully develop scripts.