In May 2015 the novel “Die Rote Burg”, which is a part of “Metropolis Berlin” was published. Oliver Schütte is the editor of all three novels in this series.


Berlin in the Golden Twenties is the world of “Metropolis Berlin” – the background of the three novels “The Red Castle”, “Champagne, Charleston and Chiffon” and “The Palais Reichenbach”. Each novel tells his own story. The characters of all the three novels, however, meet and their stories are closely interwoven. The readers of each of the novels have the opportunity to jump into the other novel within the e-book version, and to get to know the scene from another perspective.

Rote Burg
In the midst of the glittering atmosphere of Berlin, the young detective Martin Forster has to solve one of the most spectacular murders the capital has ever seen. The victim was killed by a lion. Who is the mysterious dead? Who has killed him in such a bestial way? And why? Martin Forster dares to investigate the depths of Berlin underworld. He comes close to the infamous Berlin mafia, whose bourgeois façade conceals the city’s biggest criminals.