In the year 2013, Oliver Schütte, together with Stefan Jäger and Katrin Renz, founded tellfilm Deutschland. It is an independent filmproduction company based in Berlin. Tellfilm tells unusual stories – emotionally and touching, visually unique and with an identity in which one can make the roots that make up the stories.

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Hans and Anna – together they are Hannas: a weighty couple with pleasure in cooking. They meet the sisters Kim and Nicola, both dysfunctional and excitingly different. But because now opposites attract themselves and anyhow anything goes the Hannas now each an affair, but know nothing of the fraud of the other. But also Kim and Nicola still have a secret in petto. A film about this strange thing called love, which goes through the stomach, into the wild heart inside.

DAS FLOSS, DIE HANNAS is the second feature film by the author and director Julia C. Kaiser. On June 29, 2016 the film celebrated world premiere at the Filmfest München.

Cast: Anna König, Till Butterbach, Julia Becker, Ines-Marie Westernströer, Anne Ratte-Polle, Christian Natter u.v.m.

Camera: Dominik Berg

Die Hannas